Jihosoft Phone Transfer

Transfer information between two mobile devices running either iOS or Android with this intuitive application that also allows you to import data from iTunes.

  • Jihosoft Phone Transfer
  • Version :3.1.8
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher : Jihosoft

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Jihosoft Phone Transfer Description

As smartphones become more and more popular, one of the recurrent needs that users have is for a reliable method of transferring data not only from phones to computers, but also from phones to phones. This can be achieved in various methods, but desktop applications that act as intermediaries between two mobile devices are a viable option.

Transfer data from one smartphone to another

Jihosoft Phone Transfer is just one such program that will allow users of smartphones to transfer data to and from their devices. Before any data is exchanged, one must ensure the operating systems of the two devices are compatible with the software. The minimum OS versions supported by this program are 2.1 for Android and 5 for iOS.

As for the actual devices, the application supports most of the major developers and their popular models, including Samsung (Galaxy series), LG (G series) or Apple (iPhones, iPads and iPods are all supported).

Choose which items are processed

Once valid devices have been connected via USB, users are free to start exchanging data between the two gadgets. There are multiple items that can be transferred, including essential data such as contacts, messages, call logs and photos. One of the great features of this application is the ability to discard items from the processing queue.

Essentially, this allows users full freedom when deciding which items actually get saved to the other device. The transfer direction can also be adjusted, and iOS users will appreciate the ability to transfer items from iTunes backups.

The application allows users to move data from one mobile device to another via a USB link

To sum up, Jihosoft Phone Transfer is a great tool for iOS and Android mobile devices owners who wish to transfer data between their gadgets.

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