Jihosoft AVI Repair

Repair damaged AVI files due to power surges, virus infections or partial downloads without affecting the quality of the video with this app.

  • Jihosoft AVI Repair
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Jihosoft AVI Repair Description

Although new clip formats are gaining popularity these days, AVI files stand their grown probably due to the fact that you can play most videos without having to install third-party codecs. Then again, sometimes it can happen that you get unexpected playback results because the file is damaged or corrupted.

As the name suggests, Jihosoft AVI Repair is a handy application that enables you to fix unplayable AVI videos, including those that are partially downloaded or feature problems with fast forwarding.

Comes with a simplistic and intuitive interface

The setup is quick and straightforward, especially since it entails following a few basic steps. The program comes with a user-friendly and clean interface that is unlikely to pose issues, regardless of your computer skills.

The GUI is comprised of two windows, one that enables you to specify the problematic source file’s location and another that permits you to preview the repaired files. The latter window also includes the file’s description, including size, resolution, audio channel, duration and sample rate.

On a side note, the application deals with one file at a time and it would have been useful if it was able to correct batches of videos. The feature could come in handy when you are trying to fix clips that you made using your digital camera, for instance.

Includes two intuitive repair modes

It is important to note that the program includes a normal and an advance repair mode. While the normal repair function allows you to mend a video based on a correspond file, the advanced mode automatically fixes the file by detecting and correcting the bad data after matching 14 AVI codecs sequentially. It would have been nice if the application allowed you to tweak the parameters and specify what values you want to correct before processing the file.

After you are done with this step, you can play the video and save it to the desired location on your drives. You will be happy to learn that the new file is also saved in an AVI format that preserves the quality of the original file.

A useful utility that can help you mend broken AVI files

In the eventuality that you are unable to play videos in AVI format because the file is corrupted or damaged, then perhaps Jihosoft AVI Repair might lend you a hand.

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