Easily rename local files and folders with this powerful application that supports batch processes and is compatible with Regex expressions.

  • JFRenamer
  • Version :1.0.16
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jean-Marc Boulade

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JFRenamer Description

The growing number of data containers has meant local disks have become increasingly difficult to manage. This is all the more evident when dealing with office workstations that regularly see hundreds of daily new documents. JFRenamer seeks to alleviate this issue by providing users a straightforward and practical solution to renaming operations.

Batch rename files or folders

The program can change the names of multiple files at the same time, regardless of the extension of the chosen items. What’s more, the application also works with folders, thus significantly improving its overall functionality.

When launched, users are faced with a tree view of all the local disk’s stored items, a setup that allows one to navigate to the desired destination easily. Once there, simple checkboxes permit one to flag which entries are to be modified and performing any changes requires only that users define the processing logic.

Can also target document extensions

This involves setting the renaming rules, and one can choose between eight available options, including regular expressions, case and character changes or insertion of custom text strings. One of the great features of the program is its “New Name” column, a placeholder for previewing the output results.

As such, one can tweak the various rules to the point in which results are satisfactory, without performing any actual jobs. Several handy features allow users to obtain the best results, such as the ability to also alter the extensions or the option to choose the exact character position from which modifications will take effect.

A highly practical utility for batch adjustments to file or directory names

To conclude, JFRenamer is a valuable tool for anyone with numerous locally-stored documents, as it allows its users to rename multiple files quickly. The program can also process folders and supports several processing rules, including regular expressions or case changes.

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