Manage numerous stock investment portfolios, keep track of owned shares and generate detailed reports to calculate the market value of your investment.

  • J’Equity
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Beowurks

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J’Equity Description

J’Equity is a lightweight yet efficient piece of software that comes in handy for both stock marketers and individuals to create and manage their stock portfolio and generate daily reports representing the stock price evolution.

Handle personal stocks and check daily shares

Make sure you have Java installed on the computer as it’s required for the program to work. The provided interface is user-friendly, divided into the “Financial”, “Daily”, “Reports” and “Historical” tabs, the record fields, along with the total amount of money distributed for retirement and non-retirement funds.

Protect your database with a unique password

J’Equity lets you password-protect your database to keep it away from prying eyes and from being modified by others. For the change to take place, is mandatory to restart the app.

If you want to get familiarized with the functions, from the “Tools” menu, you can load a sample data. Plus, you can set up a new database by giving it a suitable name.

Enter private or work-related shares

A new entry requires a description, account (debit, current), type (e.g. personal, work), category, the shares and price values, valuation date, stock symbol and additional comments. You also have the choice to mark the current record as a retirement fund.

Keep an eye on the daily shares and add new stocks

All items can be cloned or deleted, and are automatically inserted into the list when you press the “Create” button. Based on all the entries, the app calculates the total amount of retirement and non-retirement funds.

In the “Daily” tab, you can check the daily stock markets. They are displayed with fields such as symbol, description, asking (expressed in the local currency), average volume, bidding, change and day range, as well as dividend yield, share, last trade, market cap, target estimates and volume.

Export the reports to PDF, HTML or CSV files

You have the option to generate detailed daily reports and save them to the computer as PDF, RTF, ODT, HTML, XLS or CSV file formats. Last but not least, you can view old stock evolutions for different shares.

Comprehensive share and stock manager

The bottom line is that J’Equity is a reliable application designed to help you keep track of all your retirement funds and stock portfolios, as well as check older stock evolutions and generate reports.

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