JDisc Discovery

Perform numerous scans on your network, discover connected devices and organize the information you retrieve in an efficient manner.

  • JDisc Discovery
  • Version : 4.0 Build 4006
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :JDisc UG

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JDisc Discovery Description

Running a big company usually requires you to perform various administrative tasks, such as inventorying assets or coordinating projects.

Although you can rely on qualified personnel to handle some of these tasks, you can also turn to specialized software and benefit from similar results in an easier manner. One of the applications that can simplify your work is JDisc Discovery.

Powerful application with a comprehensive user interface

This program is a powerful utility that can help you perform various scans over your network in order to discover connected devices and organize them in an efficient manner.

Since most of its functions are technical, JDisc Discovery requires you to have advanced PC operating skills and a good understanding of certain network concepts.

In case you encounter any difficulties while operating it, you can easily rely on the extensive help documentation that provides you with a large amount of useful, detailed information.

Scan your network and identify connected devices

You can rely on this tool if you need a quick way of identifying every device that is connected to your network and retrieving additional useful information about detected items.

Among the details this application can provide you with, you can find device type, model, manufacturer, serial number, operating system and network interfaces. These features provide you with a wide spectrum of possibilities, especially since it supports various operating systems and can identify SNMP-based devices.

Stores data in database files that you can archive and keep on your PC

Aside from the useful discovery functions that this application comes with, it also allows you to store retrieved data in database files, for better organization. Additionally, it is possible that you can archive these files and keep them on your PC, for future reference.

To wrap it up, JDisc Discovery is a powerful tool that allows you to perform scans inside your network, identify devices that are connected to it and view additional information about them. It comes with a comprehensive user interface and extensive help documentation.

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