Java OpenStreetMap Editor

Allows you to load and edit OpenStreetMap data files, view aerial images of a certain area and update the maps from the OSM servers.

  • Java OpenStreetMap Editor
  • Version : 12450 / 12484 Development
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :The JOSM Team

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Java OpenStreetMap Editor Description

Java OpenStreetMap Editor is a powerful yet relatively user-friendly application that aims to assist you in editing portions of maps. It enables you to plan ahead for a trip, for instance, and emphasize locations you need to reach.

Practical looks and intuitive usage

The program comes with a slightly cluttered user interface, proving a bit too much for novices; even experienced individuals may have a little trouble getting the hang of it, at first. However, the tooltips inform you of the role of each button, so you do not need to test them out individually.

The main window of Java OpenStreetMap Editor displays your map, allowing you to change it using the main and customizable toolbars, while with your mouse cursor, you can drag and drop elements from the image to a new location.

Download, edit as well as upload OSM maps

To begin with, you will need to load the map that you intend to work on, from a locally stored file, supporting OSM, XML, JOZ, WMS, GPX, NMEA, JPG, and other formats. Alternatively, you can download it from the web, directly from OpenStreetMap, the latter option featuring a limited surface area that you can grab, due to server restrictions.

The maps can be displayed using a variety of view modes, including ‘Bing Aerial Imagery’, ‘Mapbox Satellite’, ‘MapQuest Open Arial’, ‘OpenStreetMap (Mapnik)’, ‘BANO’, ‘Cadastre’ and several more.

Once that step is complete, you can begin adding elements to the map or modify the position and value of those already present. You can also add, delete or change nodes and ways, create areas or polygons, and several others, depending on your needs.

When your map is done, you have the option of saving it to your computer or exporting it to GPX format, for loading on your GPS device. At the same time, you can upload it to the OpenStreetMap servers for others to enjoy.

A lightweight Java-based editor for OSM

Overall, Java OpenStreetMap Editor proves to be a useful piece of software that you can resort to whenever you need to modify a map. It lets you edit it to suit your particular traveling requirements, so you can make sure you never get lost when going somewhere new.

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