Schedules various FTP-related tasks and monitors files for changes to automatically create backups on the server, saving you time and effort.

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JaSFtp Description

JaSFtp aims to save you a significant amount of time by automating various FTP-related operations. It is a reliable SFTP client with advanced scheduling capabilities and directory monitoring options.

A FTP / SFTP client with scheduling possibilities

Relying on a powerful scheduler engine, JaSFtp has the mission to perform frequent file transfer tasks without the user’s intervention. It supports the SSH1 and SSH2 protocols and allows you to configure connections to Windows, Unix or VMS servers.

Its interface is split into two separate panes, which allows fast and easy navigation and file management on both the local and the remote location. Creating a new connection is easy and there are various options for customizing firewall filtering settings, the data timeout and the encoding mode. Transfers are secured using SSL, server and client certificates and the connection is protected by a password.

Automatically perform transfer operations

JaSFtp can perform automatic backups of a local or a remote file, providing file renaming capabilities using the current date and time or another user-defined pattern.

There are various options that enable you to configure the way a transfer is handled: you can instruct the application to exclude subfolders, erase the source files once the operation is completed and keep a detailed log of each action.

Scheduled tasks can be efficiently organized in different directories and initiated at the specified time. JaSFtp can monitor directories and initiate a specific task when a change is detected.

A reliable task scheduler for FTP transfers

JaSFtp helps you schedule file transfer operations you perform on a daily basis, notifying you about task failures via e-mail. It allows concurrent operations, which improves the transfer speed.

With its help, you can forget about having to manually copy directories to a FTP server each time a file is modified. JaSFtp takes care of everything for you, backing up your files according to a specific schedule.

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