Record yourself while whistling and create tracks that you can use for your other projects with or without editing with this application.

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iWhistle Description

In the eventuality that you did not have the time to learn to play an instrument properly, but you really enjoy music, then one alternative would be to whistle the notes. As the name suggests, iWhistle is a small piece of software that enables you to record yourself while whistling tracks or experimenting with notes regardless of your experience with playing an instrument.

Comes with a clean and user-friendly interface

The setup is quick and straightforward, as it entails following the generic steps you are probably familiar with by now. The program comes with an appealing GUI that is designed as a musical scale, an appropriate choice given the role and functionality of the application.

You should know that the utility enables you to preview the pitch of the recordings based on the notations you are accustomed to. Therefore, you can go for the standard letter scale or you can choose to view the pitch detection expressed as frequencies, Latin or MIDI format, in case you are a fan or electronic instruments.

Uncomplicated and intuitive functionality

The application makes recording your voice as simple as possible, meaning that recording your voice is a matter of connecting your microphone and accessing the Capture button. You will be happy to learn that the tool displays the musical notes on the screen as you whistle in real time. You can replay your track, edit and, export it to a MIDI when you are satisfied with the results.

It is necessary to mention that the quality of your recording depends on the microphone you have, but also on how you adjust its settings. Therefore, it is recommended that you refrain from blowing directly into the microphone or add effects that could spoil the capture.

A fun utility for anyone who enjoys making music

If you are having troubles or are just getting started with learning how to play an instrument, but are keen on creating music or recreate the songs you like, then perhaps iWhistle could come in handy.

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