Easily record video stream from your video device or TV tuner to AVI or WMW format using this highly customizable video recording software.

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iuVCR Description

iuVCR is a lightweight application designed to help you record your favorite TV shows to AVI or WMV file format.

During the installation process, you are required to select the filters you want to install, such as crop, rotate, histogram, deinterlace, motion detector, time stamp, and others.

iuVCR sports a straightforward interface that gives users the possibility to specify a name and saving directory. Plus, you can make the program switch to another hard drive when the memory of the current one is full.

The application features a preview option and allows users to play, pause, or stop the recording session, and automatically stop the current recording operation after a specified time.

What’s more, you can select the device, specify the video frame size and rate, choose the video compression codec (e.g. DivX, DV Video Encoder, Cinepack), as well as configure the audio parameters in terms of codecs, sound device, and recording level.

iuVCR enables users to adjust the levels for brightness, contrast, and saturation, pick the video source (PAL, NTSC, SECAM), and take snapshots.

Additionally, you can make the program disable screensavers while recroding, synchronize or mux the audio and video streams, save the configuration settings for using them when scheduling tasks or running command-line operations, and export the log to a plain text file.

Plus, the program gathers information about the captured frames, file size, amount of free disk space, and CPU usage, and allows you to schedule a recording session and install additional plugins.

All things considered, iuVCR is a handy video recording tool that enables users to capture the video streams for offline viewing.

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