iTunes Library Toolkit

Update your iTunes library, add new media, remove dead links and automate tasks by using this lightweight, yet useful application.

  • iTunes Library Toolkit
  • Version :1.1.04 Build
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :iTunes

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iTunes Library Toolkit Description

iTunes Library Toolkit is a reliable application that allows you to manage the multimedia library generate a comprehensive iTunes catalog. The tool can scan the indicated folders and sync the iTunes library, adding the new tracks, filtering and sorting them.

Monitor folders and add new files

iTunes Library Toolkit allows you to enter several different root folders that it should scan and detect files that are not yet in the iTunes library. You can filter the search by specifying the media formats you wish to add, pending the folder scan. Moreover, the program can remember the locations you specified so that it avoids adding the same tracks to iTunes twice.

Another useful function of the program is the dead links remover, which can detect dead media references in iTunes and automatically erase the data. This tool can also help in fixing the file references especially after folder renaming or file movements.

Quickly update tags and generate catalogs

iTunes Library Toolkit can automate several media management functions in the library, such as synchronizing the data contained in each file’s tag with the song/movie info in iTunes. You may enable the Fast Scan feature, which can determine the date of the last tag update for each file and skip it when syncing the data.

The program allows you to generate an interactive HTML catalog, displaying the multimedia files in the iTunes Library and allowing you to easily browse the list. The catalog can include the file info, as well as the album art, ratings and other data, but the actual media is not included in the HTML page.

Additional automation tools

iTunes Library Toolkit can create playlists based on certain criteria that you specify, such as albums, artists or year. The tool can perform a smart analysis on the existing playlists to determine changes in the associated folders. You may easily enable/disable the automation of any of the functions in iTunes Library Toolkit.

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