IT Invent

Manage all databases related to the hardware and software in your company neatly from one location with this comprehensive application.

  • IT Invent
  • Version :1.61
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Yukosoft

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IT Invent Description

Regardless of whether it is mandated by the financial authorities or you are planning to implement a new business strategy to revitalize your company, one of the first things you need to know is where you stand. The simplest way to find out this information is to perform inventory.

IT Invent is an extensive application that enables you to keep track of the hardware, software and accessories used in your company.

Very detailed, yet organized interface

Even though it is not too glossy, the interface incorporates a plethora of details and statistics displayed in individual panels. Therefore, you can make a quick overview and determine which tasks require your immediate attention.

In spite of the numerous functions and menus, the interface is well-organized and tastefully arranged, so you can find options easily. The active data table can be exported to various formats, including HTML, XLS, DOC or PDF.

The application displays some features in Russian, although you set your language to English. This bug can be bothersome when you are looking for a specific function for instance.

Allows you to keep all relevant data in one place

IT Invent is a flexible application where you can easily add, edit and delete hardware, software, suppliers, maintenance or accessories logs regarding your company’s wide range of equipment.

While you cannot include more than the existing categories, you can add dozens of entries in each of them. In fact, you can even include mundane tasks in your inventory, such as the acquisition of ink for the printers, if that is relevant for accounting in any way.

Since you can be always updated about every computer, furniture or office equipment entry, the application can be useful for anyone working in the logistic department.

An overall comprehensive inventory manager

If you are running a middle-size or large company, then chances are you do not have the time or the patience to go through different databases to learn a piece of information. Since it keeps all critical data along with irrelevant details in one place, IT Invent can help you save valuable company resources in the long run.

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