iSpring QuizMaker

An efficient and comprehensive software solution designed to help you quickly create interactive quizzes, tests and surveys, in a professional manner.

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iSpring QuizMaker Description

iSpring QuizMaker is a professional application designed to help you create advanced and interactive quizzes, tests or surveys.

Modern interface

The application comes with a neatly organized layout which allows you to easily access the features of

iSpring QuizMaker.

The menus and shortcut icons to the important features are positioned in the upper and the left side, the rest of the window serving as the effective workspace.

Audio, video and image file integration

To each question or slide of your quiz or test, you can add not only text with interactive answers, but you can also add pictures, sound and video files, in order to obtain a professional result.

When inserting video into a slide of your survey, you can choose either various movie format files from your drives, but you can also add flash files.

Insightful feedback options

iSpring QuizMaker allows you to provide feedback for the graded questions to the subjects, which can be customized the way you wish.

Also, you have the option to set a time limit for each answer, or you can allow users to skip the survey questions.

In order to make the test a little more difficult and more random, the answers to the questions can be shuffled every time.

Penalties and set number of attempts can be added to the questions of the quizzes or tests, allowing you to keep a score, which can be the object of passability or failure.

Automated redirection

You have the option to redirect the users when they finish the survey to a specified website of your choice.

Also, when a test is finished, the browser can be automatically closed, or the results can be sent to the specified e-mail address.

Professional quiz creator

The multitude of options the application offers you to use in order to create advanced surveys or tests prove that iSpring QuizMaker is a professional solution for those who need to generate complex, professional and interactive quizzes.

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