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Design complex PowerPoint presentations with integrated videos, web objects or quizzes by relying on this complex add-in that provides you with numerous functions.

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iSpring Presenter Description

Generating high-quality presentations can be a quite difficult task, especially if your audience has high expectations.

Choosing an item from a template library can yield you quick, yet average positive feedback. Fortunately, you can rely on third-party software if you want to generate advanced, eye-catching presentation. iSpring Presenter is one of the applications that can help you if you are in the situation above.

Note that since it is a Microsoft PowerPoint add-in, it requires the application in order to be installed and launched properly.

Comprehensive interface with multiple reliable features

This add-in provides you with various ways of enhancing your projects without complicating its layout. Therefore, most of the users who have previous experience with presentation creation software can understand it and benefit from its functions entirely.

However, you cannot access a traditional configuration window, since most of its customizable parameters can be modified from the main window with minimum difficulty.

Insert videos, audio recordings, quizzes or YouTube content within your presentations

You can rely on this application if you need a convenient way of enriching your presentations by importing various events within it. It is possible to add video clips, audio recordings, custom quizzes, YouTube videos or web objects directly on your projects. If you own supported hardware, you can generate video and audio content that you can insert into your file.

This add-in allows you to split your document into multiple chapters and assign different narrators to each part. Narrators can be created by accessing the corresponding option and typing in the required details, such as name, title, company or website, and attaching pictures, according to your preferences.

Organize your presentations with the integrated Narration Editor tool

After generating your presentation, you can manipulate it further by accessing a handy tool that allows you to edit it similarly to a video project. Each part of your document (e.g. slides, videos or audio recordings) can be found under separate categories.

To sum it up, iSpring Presenter is a reliable PowerPoint add-in that allows you to generate high-quality presentations by providing you with numerous handy features.

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