An application that enables you to copy, backup and synchronize your files and folders by organizing them into different projects.

  • iQ-Sync
  • Version :2.00
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Robert Paresi

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iQ-Sync Description

Application developers and system administrators have to handle multiple files at once and most of them are modified on a daily basis, due to updates or various optimizations.

If you also need to keep multiple instances of the same files and folders, you require a tool to easily synchronize them with each other.

Create multiple projects and insert directories and files

iQ-Sync is an application that enables you to synchronize your files and organize them into projects for easy access. The projects can be assigned to categories, such as Alpha, Beta or Production. These categories are delivered with application though, and they can be modified using the Setup window to better fit your needs.

Every project can contain an unlimited number of files or folders, but you should keep an eye on their size, since they might slow your computer down if you happen to select too many files and run the synchronization process. You can setup the application to automatically perform the sync in certain situations, such as before or after a copy operation.

Swap files between different devices

iQ-Sync can monitor the system drives and check them at startup for any files that contain changes. You can then copy these files to a default backup directory or device and keep them synchronized. The application can skip and ignore empty or unavailable files and produce warming dialogs to let you know about any problems.

In addition, one of the more advanced function offered by iQ-Sync is the ability to upload the synchronized files on an FTP server.

In conclusion

If you work with numerous project files that are regularly updated and you need to perform automatic synchronization operations on them, iQ-Sync is a good solution to your trouble. The user interface is simple and intuitive, with all the functions properly explained and easily accessible from the main window.

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