iPixsoft Flash Screensaver Maker

Easily create custom screensavers from your pictures and music, as well as edit and mix them with templates, cliparts and effects.

  • iPixsoft Flash Screensaver Maker
  • Version :1.9.6
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :iPixSoft Studio

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iPixsoft Flash Screensaver Maker Description

Screensavers can be a fun addition to any computer, helping preserve your monitor while providing entertainment. Ipixsoft Flash Screensaver Maker allows you to create your own screensavers from your own personal pictures, mixing them with different effects provided by the application.

A fun array of features, templates and clipart

The application’s screensavers are primarily slideshows of your pictures but the application manages to add different effects to this, making it more entertaining. There are a series of templates, each one a colorful backdrop to surround your pictures and present them in a frame. From there users can add text to an image, different audio files to the same screensaver, or different clipart images.

The screensaver maker also includes different types of transitions between images, from blurring effects to spiral patterns that blend images from one to the other. All of these features combined means users can take what would be a mundane slideshow and turn it into more of a spectacle.

It is still a slideshow but the application does raise it above a standard slideshow to a showpiece.

A fun application and amusing screensavers with a price tag

The downside to this application is its price tag. A question that some users might struggle with is if it provides value for money. Since images stored on your computer can be displayed as a slideshow and other applications exist that can make screensavers for a cheaper cost, it is a concern.

There is the opportunity to download additional clipart and addons for the application, some are free and some are not. This means that the application does have expanding worth outside its original value and new content is created for it. The clipart itself presents users with a good selection of different images although the product is clearly aimed at children.

Entertaining screensavers with plenty of features, but a price tag to match

To summarize, the application is easy to use and children could quite easily navigate it to create a screensaver. Its designs and artworks are varied and the product has longevity, but the issue of value still hangs over it

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