iPhone Photo Manager Free

Conveniently manage photos and images from your iOS devices without the need of iTunes by relying on this user-friendly and simple application.

  • iPhone Photo Manager Free
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  • Publisher:IOTransfer Studio

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iPhone Photo Manager Free Description

You don’t necessarily have to be a diehard iOS user to know about the you-can’t-get-anything-done-without-iTunes situation. That’s why you might prefer various third-party solutions that can streamline the whole process of managing your iOS devices to a great extent.

And, fortunately, the market is currently flooded with all sorts of apps that can help you improve the user experience with your iOS devices, one of which goes by the name of iPhone Photo Manager Free.

Stripped-down photo management app for your iOS devices

As you can easily tell just by reading its name, this is an application intended for photo transfer between your iOS device and your PC and an iOS photo management tasks, and not much else.

It’s incredibly easy to use, partly thanks to the fact that it does not require installation and partly thanks to its simplistic UI.

Not exactly what you would call a comprehensive app

Of course, the app’s main highlight stems from the fact that it allows you to export and transfer photos from your iOS devices to your PC without requiring the presence of iTunes on your computer’s system.

In spite of its overall simplicity, there a few more advantages. For example, it’s worth appreciating the fact that the interface is fairly modern, even though at least half of its main sections are dedicated to promoting another, more comprehensive iOS manager that the company offers.

Another advantage is the fact that it allows you to delete photos from your iOS device using your PC, but unfortunately, the app does not provide any way of organizing them. While we’re still near the could-be-better subject, we should also point out that transferring photos from your PC to your iOS device is not supported by this app.

Simple app recommended for users who are looking for a quick  way of transferring photos from their iOS devices to their computers

All in all, iPhone Photo Manager Free is not a bad app, but there’s a real chance it’s a bit too simplistic to catch the attention of most users out there who might just go for the more comprehensive utilities of this sort.

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