iPhone Backup Unlocker

Recover the password that you set for your iTunes or iDevice backups using all the information that you can remember via this utility.

  • iPhone Backup Unlocker
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iPhone Backup Unlocker Description

While using numerous services and applications has certainly made our lives easier, having so many passwords to remember also entails that there is a fair chance you can forget them.

iPhone Backup Unlocker is a lightweight piece of software that can help you recover passwords used to encrypt the backups you created for your iDevice and iTunes.

Intuitive interface and straightforward functionality

The program comes with a rather rugged, but intuitive interface that is unlikely to confuse you or give you any troubles. As a matter of fact, the UI is user-friendly and displays the steps you need to take to recover the backup passwords.

First off, you need to import the backup file from the location you store it on your computer. You will be glad to find out that the application automatically finds your backups when accessing the Add button if you have iTunes installed on your PC. Once you selected the encrypted backup, you can select the attack type and the application commences the recovery process.

Includes three methods of recovery

The application allows you to choose between several types of password attack modes, depending on your particular situation. Therefore, if you cannot remember anything about the passwords – length, special characters, prefix, suffix or any other data – then your best bet would be to opt for the Brute-force attack.

On the other hand, if you recall that you only used numbers or letters or a combination of both, then you can select the Brute-force with Massive Attack. In case you used characters from other languages, the Dictionary attack might be the solution to restoring your password.

While the latter options rely on trying out a relatively narrow character combination, the Brute-force Attack is designed to test all possible combinations, so it can take more time.

A tool for restoring your iDevice and iTunes backups

Ideally, you should be using a password manager tool that enables you to keep track of all the unique passkeys you commonly employ. Then again, if you want to access backups that you created a long time ago for your iPhone, iPad or iTunes, then perhaps iPhone Backup Unlocker could lend you a hand.

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