IP Cam Driver

A simple to use application that allows you to connect to an IP camera and use the live stream, instead of the feed from a webcam.

  • IP Cam Driver
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IP Cam Driver Description

IP Cam Driver is a reliable program that allows you to use the live stream from IP cameras in several desktop applications or online chat services, instead of the webcam feed. The software is lightweight, easy to use and supports a multitude of IP camera models. You need to specify the IP address and port.

Use IP camera instead of the webcam

IP Cam Driver allows you to easily connect to an IP camera and use the live stream in a different application. It does not display the live feed, since its purpose is to redirect the signal to one of the programs that support it.

The software can remember the most recent IP cameras you connected to and allows you to quickly select the desired option from the drop down menu. You may easily add a new camera or edit an existing connection using the designated window. The program allows you to search for the camera by its model.

Supported cameras and establishing connections

You can enter the model of the IP cam you wish to connect to, then let the program identify the exact device. There are several models that the application supports, such as Axis, Trendnet, D-Link. Once the camera has been identified, the software can automatically generate the address, with the provided IP/ Host and port code.

The IP/Host address is required, while the port is optional, in order for IP Cam Driver to generate the URL. Additionally, in some cases, you may be needed to enter the user ID and password, for establishing the connection.

IP camera adjustments

IP Cam Driver allows you to use the live feed from remote cameras in video phone applications, such as Skype, FaceTime, live messengers or web-based chat, for example Google Hangouts. The program also allows you to adjust image saturation, brightness, contrast, as well as set a custom static picture.

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