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Calculate an Internet of Things developer business for 48 months by using this application that features a straightforward interface.

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IoT Developer Description

If you own a business or run a project, you might understand and appreciate the importance of having the right tools that can simplify your work.

Fortunately, nowadays you have a wide range of specialized applications that can help you achieve satisfactory results in no time. One of them is IoT Developer.

Helps you run your Internet of Things business

If you’re interested in the Internet of Things and would like developing IoT devices as a business, this application can help you simulate various statistics.

Data can be input directly in the main window since there are no additional windows, menus or buttons where you need to navigate.

Simplistic interface

The main window consists of a bunch of panels where you can either input data or view the results as graphs. The left side of the screen is occupied by the “Input Value Panel,” where you can adjust data related to employees, salary, work hours, fixed income, social media followers, material costs, retail sales, IoT devices sold per day and more. Data input in this panel can be viewed in the “Detail Input” pane.

The “Target Value Panel” section can be used to observe values that were calculated based on your input. Selecting values adds them to the graph on the right side of the screen.

Simulate scenarios

You can also run simulations based on the data that you have input in the application by simply navigating to the “Options” menu and clicking the “Start Simulation Today” button.

Dragging the slider from the “Time Panel” section lets you advance in the simulation for up to 48 months. You can also adjust a series of visibility settings by enabling or disabling entries in the “Options” menu.

Lightweight simulator for your Internet of Things development business

All things considered, IoT Developer is a lightweight application that can help you run a simulation of your Internet of Things business in terms of expenses, employees, marketing, followers, retail sales, devices sold per day and more. It comes with a simple interface and enables you to operate it without navigating through endless menus.

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