IO Ninja

Easily monitor and analyze arbitrary I/O operations in the local network, through the means of the supported protocols TCP, UDP, SSH.

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IO Ninja Description

IO Ninja is a user-friendly, reliable terminal application that can come in handy for system administrators or network security operators who wish to monitor any change in the network.

The program can act as a sniffer, serial terminal, TCP, UDP or SSH terminal, allowing you to work with various tools.

IO Ninja allows you to open several connections at the same time, through one of the supported protocols: TCP socket, SSH channel, serial, file stream, pipe listening system or network monitors.

The software consists of a message console which allows you to write in plain text, send binary data packets or import files, with support for Unicode encoding.

The upper part of the interface is the message dashboard, which displays the activity log, binary data packets and informational text messages. However, you may switch to the terminal console, for ANSI and XTerm emulation support.

The Session Linking function allows you to redirect incoming or outgoing messages from one connection to another, even if the sessions are opened through different protocols.

You can configure the sessions, then use the Linking function to create a sort of synchronization relation between the two.

IO Ninja is written in a specific programming language, Jancy, and features an IDE, which allows you to easily customize it. It can work as an IO debugger, with adaptable functions, as a TCP listener, network sniffer or serial monitor.

You may even change the existing session providers, create derivative instances or introduce new protocol analyzers, either transport-level or application-level.

IO Ninja can act as a serial terminal or as a TCP terminal, allowing you to connect to network nodes, send packets and analyze incoming messages.

It can provide server-side TCP listening functions and it can work as a UDP terminal, with support for UDP broadcasts. You may start SSH sessions or send user-defined frames via the network sniffer tools.

NOTE:  IO Ninja is free for personal use, however, if you wish to use it for commercial purposes, you need to acquire a license.

System requirements

  • WinPcap (comes with the installer)
  • Tibbo Device Monitor Service (comes with the installer)

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Free for non-commercial use only (you have to purchase a license for commercial use)

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