Internet Explorer 11

A fast and secure web browser packed with features designed to comply with the next generation of apps and the needs of users and developers alike.

  • Software: Internet Explorer 11
  • Version : 11.0.11
  • License : Free
  • OS : Windows¬†7/8/10
  • Requirements: No special requirements
  • Publisher :¬†Microsoft

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Internet Explorer 11 description:

Internet Explorer 11 is the first IE version to run on Windows 8.1, making itself available for Windows 7 computers as well.

After years of development and the audience demanding a more likeable and user-oriented browser, Microsoft finally responded with a release that no longer loses grounds to competitors.

IE 11 is superior to its predecessors, IE 9 and IE 10 in very many aspects, coming across as a fast and high-performing browser that meets user needs now more than ever.

It becomes available to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users through the Windows update feature, but can be downloaded and installed separately just as well.

The most important highlights of this release are as follows: a more streamlined interface, standard-compliant tools, WebGL support, improved JavaScript performance, site pinning, an enhanced navigation bar and a new toolset for developers.

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