Intel Video Pro Analyzer

Professional video analysis and decoding toolset specifically designed to process HEVC and VP9 videos, saving codec developers time and effort.

  • Intel Video Pro Analyzer
  • Version :2015
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Intel

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Intel Video Pro Analyzer Description

Intel Video Pro Analyzer delivers a comprehensive and advanced set of video analysis tools with full support for the HEVC and VP9 coding standards. With high-end structure inspection functions and debugging capabilities, it enables users to go through the video decoding process and put HEVC bitstreams under close scrutiny.

Different visualization options

Intel Video Pro Analyzer is compatible with raw bitstreams without surrounding containers, including MKV, MP4 and MPEG2 TS, displaying the filmstrip in its main window. A selected frame is closely analyzed to generate visual annotations, associated to the chosen HEVC mode.

There are several modes Intel Video Pro Analyzer can work in, affecting the generated image in the main panel. It can generate the coding flow to view the CTB order or enable you to view the residual signals, show inter-frame dependencies, prediction units, display the SAO filter parameters or allow the analysis of the final decoded samples using a debug YUV file. The ‘Reconstruction’ mode allows you to open the samples before deblocking, while the ‘Deblocking’ mode displays the effects of the filter.

Analyze bitstreams in detail

The main panel comes with a multitude of functions for activating full screen or adjusting the zoom level, viewing per-component images or the YUV color space, toggling the annotations on or off and so on.

The array of information Intel Video Pro Analyzer retrieves about each picture is impressive, including NAL units, video, sequence and picture parameter sets, transform and coding units and the quantization matrix.

Additionally, you can analyze reference picture sets and view statistical information regarding the picture size and its compression mode, along with pie charts as a visual representation for specific metrics.

A professional video analysis tool

The purpose of Intel Video Pro Analyzer is to help developers create powerful video products and codecs that comply with the latest industry standards. Designed for professionals, it delivers the tools needed to analyze prediction processed, heat maps, coding flow and so on.

With its help, one can thoroughly analyze the structure of a coded image and decode a bitstream frame by frame, which is particularly useful to developers geared towards codecs, video processing or playback applications.

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