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Download videos from Instagram and convert them to GIF animations in a couple of simple steps, with this easy-to-use application.

  • Instagram to GIF
  • Version :3.1.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :GIF Apps

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Instagram to GIF Description

Instagram has come a long way since its early days, as it is now possible to share both pictures and videos using the popular app, as well as view them on any of your devices using the available web service.

Instagram to GIF is a pretty simple utility that can help you download videos uploaded to Instagram and convert them to animated GIFs. It is very easy to use, but it does have its faults.

User-friendly download manager

It could hardly be simpler to grab your favorite Instagram videos, as you just need to copy their URLs and paste them into the designated field. The program should recognize them automatically, at which point you are ready to go.

You can even have the application perform certain actions when the download has been completed, such as closing the main window, playing the created GIF or shutting down your PC.

Offers a rather limited feature set

Instagram to GIF allows you to set the width and height of the generated GIF file, but you do not have the option of maintaining the source video’s aspect ratio. The frame rate is also customizable, and you can specify how many times the animations should be looped.

Sadly, it is not possible to specify which section of the video should be used to create the animation. Since Instagram clips can be quite long, this feature would have come in very handy.

Features a modern UI and comes equipped with a GIF player

The user interface is well-designed, as all the primary function can be accessed easily from the main program window.

GIF Player, a useful application that can help you view GIF animations, is also included, and you should ensure file associations are disabled during the installation process if you prefer to use another program for viewing GIFs.

Overall, Instagram to GIF is a great utility for users who frequently watch Instagram videos and wish to save them locally in the form of GIF animations. It does its job quite well, but it needs a few small improvements.

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