A simple to use application that can create GIF animations from clips embedded in a website or video files located on your computer.

  • Instagiffer
  • Version :1.75
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
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Instagiffer Description

A presentation for your projects or a website can be enhanced with various media file types. When it comes to creating GIF animations, applications like Instagiffer make it seem like a game, by providing a set of tools with the help of which you are able to create the right animation of nearly any media file on your computer.

Fast, reliable and easy to use

Running the application brings up your workspace, fitted with all available features. Several sliders are put at your disposal in order to set quality related details. All changes made are clearly visible and updated in an integrated preview section that lets you scroll through frames.

Once you are done sorting out all details, hitting the “Create GIF!” button generates an animation from the given media. The process is done fast and output quality leaves nothing to be desired.

However, no integrated function allows you to set a default destination folder. If you don’t want previous files to be replaced you need to access the file menu each time to select where you want to save the animation.

Load a video from your computer or a YouTube URL

The application is able to process a decent amount of media files. Creation possibilities become endless as you are able to load nearly any video from your computer, paste in a link from YouTube or even record desktop activity for a given amount of time.

Additionally, you can enhance the creation with several preset effects like sepia, oil painting, fade edges and a few more. A caption can be included with a custom text you can either set to blink or stay still throughout the animation.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Instagiffer is a fully functional workstation that lets you create a GIF animation from any video you provide. It’s incredibly easy to use and integrated tools make sure no limitations keep you from getting the desired result. Giving it a try instantly convinces you it is definitely a keeper.

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