The ultimate classroom management system that empowers teachers with full control over classroom technology and student progress.

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Insight Description

Insight is a powerful software solution that offers teachers the possibility to monitor student activity during classes and make sure they don’t slack off as well as to provide direct assistance when needed.

Limit computer use

A key feature of Insight is the fact that it enables you, the teacher, to block access to things that might distract your students such as websites, games, specific applications and other workstation functions.

This way you can rest assured that your students are focused on the task you assign. Moreover, it’s possible to blank screens, clear a desktop, mute speaking and even lock keyboard and mouse use.

User-friendly interface

Insight is designed to increase classroom productivity and since this mostly relies on the way you get around the application, all its functions and features are displayed in plain sight, easy to access and use.

Within a few clicks you are able to share a student screen, start a vote on a subject, run a test, remove or grant access, take a snapshot of a screen, send a message across the network and add or remove restrictions.

Collaborative use

Insight means more than just limiting access to computers and taking over control of them. The application makes it possible to communicate with students when they have a question for you or they stumble into a problem and need your direct guidance.

All of these and more are possible without you leaving your computer. You are able to use audio, chat and screen broadcasting functions to interact with one another and make a lesson more enjoyable and productive.

Managing a classroom with only a dozen students can prove to be challenging not only from a workload point of view, but from a technical one as well. A computer can crash or the application can cease to function for reasons that are beyond your competence. To save money and time, the collaborative functions of Insight extends with the use of its Tech Support feature which links the teacher to professional help.

A practical and efficient classroom monitor

With the above to consider and much more to discover in the details, it’s safe to say that Insight is a well tailored application that can fit well with educational systems of all levels.

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