IniFile is a command line program that handles Windows type INI files and gain control of the keyboard, mouse and other peripherals.

  • IniFile
  • Version :1.9
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Horst Schaeffer

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IniFile Description

INI files stand for an informal standard that contains various statements that are responsible for defining the parameters for the keyboard, mouse, screen colors, passwords as well as other peripherals you connect to your computer.

The basic elements that are contained in the file are the keys or values that are delimited by the equals signs. These values can also be grouped together into sections that appear on a line by itself in square brackets.

IniFile is an application designed to help you handle INI files that feature section names in square brackets as well as assignments that come in the form item=string. As long as the file actually exists on your computer, you can rest assured that the sections and items can be generated.

The application does not include a clear help section and, considering it does not have an accessible interface, it is definitely a program that address advanced users who know how to avoid causing serious problems to the operating system.

Granted, some users can argue that the importance of INI files has decreased over time, especially since   Microsoft shifted its attention to the registries (along with the launch of Windows NT).

Then again, if you are not completely satisfied and would like to change startup launchers, drivers and applications’ behaviors, then you could consider changing the configurations and IniFile can give you a hand.

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