Infraluation Globalizer

Generate the language specific resource files for your .NET Framework application and automatically add these into your Visual Studio.

  • Infraluation Globalizer
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Infraluation Globalizer Description

Infraluation Globalizer is a reliable compiler that allows you to generate several translation options for your applications. The utility can generate language packs for applications created with the help of the .NET Framework, Visual Studio, HTML or ASP.NET platforms.

User-friendly language packs development

Infraluation Globalizer allows you to generate several translations for your application’s interface, all in one project. It requires that you load the language files for each variation that you wish to create and can easily validate the project before compilation.

The program can be used for localizing both desktop software and websites or Internet applications. Moreover, it features several comparison tools, allowing you to analyze workspaces or baselines.

Infraluation Globalizer’s friendly GUI facilitates the program development and reduces the time spent comparing, validating or checking the files for errors. The interface is split into several areas, such as the Explorer, the File Editor and the console, which displays output details, errors, search fields or a preview of the selected translation.

Effective translation localizer

Infraluation Globalizer allows you to localize programs and websites, with the help of the .NET development platform. It can easily localize Windows Forms applications and components created in Visual Studio, using C#, Vb.NET or C++ languages.

The tool can also localize WPF, ASP.NET, Metro (Windows 8 Store), Silverlight, HTML, Compact Framework applications. Additionally, you can use Infraluation Globalizer to localize MSI documents, XML, INI and Java Property files, as well as HTML Help Workshop projects. Moreover, the program supports source or binary localization strategies.

Reduce the duration of application development

Infraluation Globalizer’s translation memory is a tool that can store common translations and automatically load them when required. The program also features a spell check feature, translation preview space, item properties’ editor, as well as a detector for non-localizable forms. Moreover, the application Start function allows you to test localized programs right from Infraluation Globalizer’s interface.

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