Infinite Pre-Algebra

A straightforward and useful piece of software that enables you to create customized algebra worksheets that cover various arithmetic topics.

  • Infinite Pre-Algebra
  • Version :2.06
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Kuta Software LLC

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Infinite Pre-Algebra Description

Infinite Pre-Algebra is a self-explanatory application that helps both students and teachers create mathematical worksheets with single or multiple choice questions that cover almost all pre-algebra topics.

How it works

The interface is well-organized and structured allowing you easy access to a list of pre-algebra topics that includes decimals, whole numbers, fractions, integers, equations, exponents, ratios and polynomials just to name a few. You can scroll down the list in order to find the topic which you prefer, then double-click and begin creating your assignment paper in the dedicated pop-up window. A quicker alternative is to enter the name of the topic in the text box that is above this list.

Richly-featured application

You have different options at your disposal that allow you to customize questions, namely set the difficulty degree from easy up to hard, change your question types from single to multiple choice answers, resize numbers, use common factors and increase the level of complexity. When you have finished editing your questions, you can choose to reveal the answers. Plus, you won’t get bored practicing and learning algebra because the applications enables you to regenerate each question.

At any time you can change your assignment’s heading or fine-tune the space between each question as to give the page a more appealing and legible appearance.

Once you scale an assignment by decreasing or increasing the number of questions, you also regenerate it, so you can use this option to permanently update your quizzes. Merge assignments to create test papers, review sheets and quizzes, that can be printed or saved on your hard drive.

Among other things, you can attach relevant graphs to your hand-made projects. These graphs can be designed using the classic x and y axes with values assigned in decimal, degrees or radians forms.

Concluding words

To sum things up, Infinite Pre-Algebra is a software tool that can make you understand algebra without a teacher and make your learning experience more fun.

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