Infinite Calculus

An easy to use application that enables you to create assignment sheets or test papers with mathematics questions of custom difficulty.

  • Infinite Calculus
  • Version :2.17
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Kuta Software LLC

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Infinite Calculus Description

Infinite Calculus is a reliable application that enables you to generate assignment sheets for homework or tests, with a multitude of questions from different categories, with custom level of difficulty and types of answers. It is suitable for generating lists of math problems, with various themes, such as integration, extrema calculi, intervals or logarithms.

Creating complex assignment pages

The software allows you to insert a custom number of questions, with a maximum of 99 problems from each category. Simply select a certain topic and choose the exact number of questions you wish the software to generate, then click on the desired difficulty of the questions. Moreover, for each category you may phrase the assignment requirement in a specific eay.

Before inserting the questions to the assignment sheet you need to select the type of answer you wish the students to provide: free response or multiple choice. You may also create custom questions, using the Infinite Calculus editor, and insert graphs and equation symbols, such as square roots, matrices, logarithms, functions, trigonometry or integrals.

Set up the test paper

The software enables you to modify several parameters, such as font type, size and color, as well as the contents of the header. Moreover, you can print out sheets containing the questions alone or the questions and the individual, correct answers. You may easily import previously created sheets and merge with the current configuration.

Infinite Calculus enables you to export the project for printing, or save it to your computer for further editing. For a more efficient test set up, you can print multiple versions of the same paper, by scrambling the questions on the paper, or randomizing the order of the answers.

Math problems creator

Infinite Calculus can generate multiple questions on different math themes, such as relations between values, summations, square roots, matrices, logarithms, functions, trigonometry, limits, derivatives or integrals. Additionally, it supports equations that include symbols like Pi, Infinity or Theta. It is a quick and easy way of generating assignment sheets and test papers for students, with multiple difficulty levels.

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