A straightforward and accessible software solution that aims to help you share just about any kind of file in a few simple and intuitive steps.

  • Infinit
  • Version :0.9.39
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Infinit

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Infinit Description

Online file sharing enjoys a great deal of attention today due to its practical nature and for this reason a great deal of applications and services have been developed and continue to be improved.

Most of them tend to primarily focus on an important aspect such as transfer speed, file size limit, ease of access to the service and so on, while other more recent solutions get it right from the start.

One of these leaps is Infinit, a straightforward and well designed piece of software that allows you to share files of any size over the Internet using a peer to peer (P2P) network.

Easy to use, accessible to anyone

Infinit is based on a simple and practical principle. You create an account to be able to use the service, then you get access to a user-friendly app and from its highly compressive interface, upload or download files.

There is no elaborate configuration process to go through before you can use it and it certainly won’t hog system resources while a transfer is underway.

To send a file with Infinit all you have to do is locate the recipient, either by looking them up in your friends list or by searching for them, choose the file and click the ‘Send’ button. Moreover, the application allows you to attach a short message which you can use to add a description to the transfer.

Generate share links to your files

As mentioned before, Infinit uses a P2P network to facilitate file transfer and if your Internet connection is above average, you’ll be more than happy with the download and upload speeds. Additionally, since Infinit is built as a P2P client to some extent, if your connection is to suddenly give up on you for unknown reasons, the file transfer won’t reset and you can resume it once the connection is restored.

Another advantage to using Infinit is the fact that you can generate a share link to a file you have on your computer in order to make it accessible to people that don’t have the application installed. To make this feature even more appealing, links generated by the application are very short which means that they can be sent via Twitter or, in a situation of pure crisis, written and sent via text message.

Limitless sharing made easy

With the above to consider, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a reliable, secure and very practical means of sharing both photos, movies and videos with friends or work documents with your colleagues, then you can definitely give Infinit a try.

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