Lightweight command-line application that allows you to download online files by specifying the web address of your desired item and the destination path on your computer.

  • INetGet
  • Version:v1.01
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Mulder

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INetGet Description

Enjoying online content is a pleasant way to spend your time, but sometimes you cannot benefit from an Internet connection.

If you are in the above situation, you can consider turning to a downloader utility, such as INetGet, that can help you save online content on your computer, for offline usage.

Portable download manager with command-line interface

Since it is portable, this application does not require you to install it, thus allowing you to enjoy its capabilities as soon as you finish decompressing it. Note that it does come with an actual graphical user interface, as it can be run exclusively from the command line.

Although it does not offer you an integrated help manual, you can view a brief description of its capabilities and functions by adding the “–help” argument when you run it.

Adjust advanced settings according to your needs

This application allows you to modify multiple parameters, thus providing you with a wide variety of possibilities regarding the download process. More so, re-configuring the settings each time you launch the application is not necessary, as INetGet saves your preferences on a file, for future use.

Note that this utility was designed mostly for advanced PC users, therefore you need a good understanding of certain technical concepts within this application if you want to operate it to its full extent.

Download online content by specifying source and destination locations

You can use this application if you need a quick and convenient way of downloading files to your computer from the Command Prompt window. For a simple download, you just need to specify the online file’s complete location and define a destination path on your computer.

Appending other arguments is possible by typing them between the application name and the original file’s address. Also, it is possible to link multiple arguments at once.

To sum it up, INetGet is a lightweight command-line application that allows you to download online content in a convenient way, from a Command Prompt window. However, note that, since it was designed for advanced PC users, you need to meet certain computer operating skill requirements in order to benefit from its functions entirely.

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