IncrediMail Password Recovery

A simple and easy to use software utility designed to help you reveal and recover all kinds of IncrediMail passwords, in just a few moves.

  • IncrediMail Password Recovery
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  • Publisher:Passcape Software

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IncrediMail Password Recovery Description

Forgetting an important password is far from uncommon, and losing access to your mail account, as a result, is something we would all like to avoid.

IncrediMail Password Recovery is a relatively simple utility that, true to it name, enables you to retrieve account credentials that you cannot remember, but are still stored by IncrediMail.

Straightforward recovery process

In order to retrieve any account information, the program needs to scan the NTUSER.DAT file that can normally be found in your user folder. The software should be capable of finding it automatically, but you can also load it yourself if it is stored in another location.

Once the application has extracted the available data, the account information is displayed in a list that can be exported to various document formats, copied to the clipboard or even sent via e-mail.

Reveal passwords that are displayed using asterisks

IncrediMail Password Recovery also comes equipped with a function that allows you to reveal passwords hidden behind asterisks. It is not limited to IncrediMail, and can, therefore, help you out in numerous situations.

First of all, you need to make sure that the window containing the password field is displayed on your desktop. Then, it is a simple matter of dragging the magnifying glass onto the hidden password to reveal it within the main application window.

You can choose between the two available algorithms when attempting to retrieve your password, as well as make the interface translucent to make this task easier.

Reliable, user-friendly program that features a minimalistic UI

IncrediMail Password Recovery can certainly get the job done, and it will likely prove to be invaluable if you happen to forget your IncrediMail password. It can retrieve account information easily, as well as reveal passkeys hidden behind asterisks.

Its simple, wizard-style interface is somewhat outdated, but the straightforward layout is likely to be appreciated by first-time users.

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