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Manage the contents of your iOS device, as well as transfer data between it and your computer, all with the help of this easy-to-use app.

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iMyFone TunesMate Description

As an iOS device user, we’re sure that you’ve looked for a way to bypass iTunes at least once since, let’s all agree on this, managing the content on iOS devices should have been way easier than it actually is.

This is where applications like iMyFone TunesMate can offer assistance by simplifying the whole process of transferring data between your iOS devices and your computer.

Installing and getting used to this app should not pose any difficulties, regardless your experience level

As is the case with most applications of this type, it undergoes a streamlined installation process. Getting to grips with the app is probably just as simple since its user interface sports an intuitive layout, very similar to other apps of this sort out there.

There are five main, self-explanatory categories, each one of which can be accessed from the top toolbar. As expected, the Home section is the place where you can find some of the most relevant information regarding your iOS device, such as Model, OS version, all sorts of unique IDs and firmware-related info, as well as details regarding storage.

Near to fool-proof functionality

In addition to all this, you can also quickly transfer media from your device to your computer and vice versa, as well as backup your photo to your computer. The rest of the categories are a bit differently structured as they offer more in-depth possibilities to manage and transfer content from and to your computer, but are by no means difficult to make the most of.

For example, within the Music menu, you can add audio files or entire folders to various categories on your iOS device, as well as manage the playlists. The Video section is pretty much the same as far as features are concerned, while the Photos section is definitely the simplest of the bunch with just a few options to manage the images from your iOS device’s camera roll.

Run-of-the-mill iOS transfer utility that does everything as it should

All in all, iMyFone Tunesmate is an honest application for iOS data management, and it’s neither better or worse than the large majority of other apps from this category, which are all very similar, by the way. Point in fact, if you want a very user-friendly app that can help you manage data on your iOS device better and faster, then there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t giveĀ  iMyFone Tunesmate a chance to prove its worth.

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