Capture screenshots and record GIFs, then instantly upload them to Imgur, or just upload and share local image files, with this intuitive and versatile utility.

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ImgurSniper Description

Imgur has come a long way since it was initially gifted to the Reddit community, and it is now used as a hosting service by millions of people from around the world. However, uploading and sharing images from your browser isn’t as fast as some users would like.

If you feel the same way, ImgurSniper may just provide a solution. It is a nifty desktop application that enables you to capture screenshots and record GIFs, which are then uploaded automatically, as well as upload images directly from the context menu.

Feature-packed image capture and GIF recording utility

ImgurSniper can be useful in a number of situations, as it can serve you well as a dedicated screenshot utility even if you never upload anything to Imgur. You can capture a specific area of the screen of the screen or an entire window, and it is even possible to draw on your screen if you wish to highlight something in particular.

Additionally, the app enables you to record content directly from your desktop and export it to GIF animations. These can have a maximum frame rate of 30 and be up to 120 seconds in length.

Upload snapshots, recorded GIFs and images to Imgur from your desktop

Of course, most of you are probably interested in this app for its uploading capabilities, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint in this regard. While this behavior is customizable, ImgurSniper, by default, uploads the captured images or GIFs to Imgur automatically, opens the link in your browser and copies it to the clipboard.

Since the application provides direct links to the images and GIFs, you can easily share them using any application that is capable of previewing image URLs.

Time is of the essence, and ImgurSniper can save you a lot of it

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this program is just how quickly it enables you to capture, upload and share content. Customizable hotkeys can be used to take screenshots or record GIFs, or you can just click the app’s system tray icon to bring up the selection box.

Finally, because the app runs quietly in the background, it is never likely to get in your way. You can access it at any time from the system tray area, but it is remarkably unobtrusive.

When it comes down to it, ImgurSniper is a well-designed application that makes it a lot easier to capture and upload content to Imgur, as well as share it with others. It is very easy to use, but make sure to read the documentation to ensure you don’t miss some of its less-obvious features.

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