iMagic Inventory

Managing stock will beome much easier with this tool.

  • iMagic Inventory
  • Version : 5.25
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :iMagic

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iMagic Inventory Description

iMagic Inventory Software is an effective inventory control and invoicing utility designed to make managing a business a lot easier.

Intuitive and easy to use interface

Although basic and uncomplicated, the user interface of iMagic Inventory Software comes in handy to beginners as well.

Large and easy to access buttons are assigned to the most important features of the program. The ‘Find’ function is pretty helpful, making iMagic Inventory Software a user friendly application.

Complex database creator

The main use of the program is to create new invoices with ease. Another added function to creating invoices is the ability to quickly print them.

iMagic Inventory Software enables you to create a list of vendors with detailed information, so you can easily find the contacts you need.

Also, a database of customers can be created, with complex details assigned to each customer. This allows you to easily find, view or edit their contact information.

With iMagic Inventory Software, you can create a virtual inventory, in order to keep track of the items in stock or the ones that need to be ordered. Tracking items by their serial numbers allows you to have a detailed overview of the inventory, in order to restock before the supply runs low.

A large variety of reports can be generated with iMagic Inventory Software, such as ones for commission, invoice cost and profit, item expiration, price and vendor lists, total profit or shipping reports.

Selective access control

You can create different types of accounts, to which you can assign what sections of the database they can access.

Not only this provides you with complete control over the security of the managed inventory, but also keeps track and allows you to view what salesman made a specific sale and when, by accessing their account log.


To summarize, iMagic Inventory Software is an efficient and powerful tool for managing invoices and inventory with ease, allowing you to maintain a complex client database at the same time.

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