Effortlessly edit images using layers and a wide variety of tools, such as color balance and sharpen filter, using this simple app.

  • ImageMaster
  • Version :3.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jordan Alfonso

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ImageMaster Description

Irrespective of whether you want to capture precious moments with friends, family and your last vacation or you want to use them for marketing and advertising, photos play an important role for both individuals and companies. Since everyone wants great pictures, it is not uncommon that they rely on image editors, a solution that is sometimes frustrating and time-consuming for amateurs and beginners.

ImageMaster is a program that enables you to adjust photos using filters and various painting tools in a user-friendly and straightforward environment.

Rugged, yet intuitive and structured interface

Even though it is rather unpolished, the UI is organized and easy to navigate. The GUI consists of a resizable window displaying the drawing utensils along with their extra options conveniently along the left and right of the working space. The interface is user-friendly and can help you enhance or correct certain parameters from your images without too much hassle.

You should know that the utility provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to use a certain tool, so it is very unlikely that you cannot get around, regardless of your technical skills. In addition, the color channel as well as the gradients and patterns toolboxes are always available in the lower right corner, an option that is quite welcomed and that can contribute to a more fluid workflow.

Comes with tools suitable for basic image adjustments

It is worth mentioning that the application includes quite a handful of tools that enable you to enhance your pictures or only the parts that you are interested in. Among the tools that app embeds you can count various color balancing options, such as balance, brightness, contrast, equalize, desaturate, threshold, minimum and maximum RGB and an auto function.

Filters-wise, the application features several brushes and filters that may come in handy on various occasions. To put it simply, you can enhance your images via the sponge, equalizer and curve brush or fine-tune it via the airbrush or sharpen tools. Enhance colors, swap colors, desaturate, posterize, equalize and balance colors are other tools worth mentioning.

A photo editing tool that can meet the needs of average users

Even though it is not a looker and could use more advanced photo editing functions, ImageMaster is user-friendly and could be a good choice for beginners or anyone who needs quick editing for their photo albums.

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