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Apply watermarks to image files on your computer in an effortless manner by turning to this lightweight application that supports both text and image watermarking.

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Image Watermarker Description

If you work as a photographer or in the graphic arts field, you might understand how watermarking your projects can protect them against various forms of theft.

However, applying a watermark can be a difficult task if you do not have appropriate software assistance. One of the applications that can help you in the situation depicted above is Image Watermarker.

Quick installation

Setting up this program on your computer can be done without any difficulty since you are not required to perform any configuration steps.

The installer automatically selects the destination path and creates shortcut icons on your desktop, so you just need to follow the on-screen instructions in order to deploy this utility on your PC.

Simple user interface

Image Watermarker packs a minimalistic design that encompasses various easy-to-understand features, making it possible for a broad range of users to benefit from its capabilities.

Its functions are neatly organized, thus, you do not need to spend time looking around for them. Also, you can operate most of its controls in two ways, by either clicking the dedicated buttons or accessing the appropriate functions from the toolbar.

Add text or image watermarks to your photos

You can rely on this application if you need a quick, convenient way to watermark your photos. Adding the items you want to process can be accomplished by using the Add button, clicking the “Add image files” option from the Action menu or dragging and dropping your content inside the window.

Once you decide what type of watermark you want to apply to your photo, you can click on the desired tab and begin customizing it. If you want an image one, you can either choose an item from the predefined icon library or use a picture from your computer. Adding a text watermark only requires you to type it in the designated field and hit the Add Watermark button.

Lightweight image watermarking tool with drag and drop support

To wrap it up, Image Watermarker is a simple application that can help you apply text or image watermarks to your photos in a quick, efficient manner. It comes with a simple user interface, integrates intuitive functions and features drag and drop support, for enhanced accessibility.

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