Browse and analyze assemblies by using this .NET application decompiler that features support for DLL, EXE and Windows Metadata files.

  • ILSpy
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  • License :MIT License
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:IC#SharpCode

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ILSpy Description

ILSpy is an open source decompiler and assembly browser that can manipulate .NET packages in the following formats: DLL, EXE and WINMD (Windows Metadata).

As an open-source application, ILSpy consists of a set of binaries, as well as a separate source code package that can be modified without restrictions by developers in order to build other software on top of it.

The binaries are brought inside a portable archive that doesn’t need installation. It can be transferred to a removable drive and launched from there on any computer.

In terms of appearance, the program sports simple, yet intuitive looks. Most of the area inside the main window is allocated to the assembly resources, which can be navigated as soon as you load the source file.

ILSpy can render and decompile code in three different ways: C#, Visual Basic and IL disassembly. You can make the selection of the default decompilation method using the dedicated dropdown menu and you are able to switch between them with the effects almost instantaneously visible.

The operations you’ll be allowed to perform include a search function for methods and properties, navigation history, the possibility to export resources separately, a BAML to XAML decompiler, as well as the option to save the whole project to CS format.

In addition to all of these, ILSpy sports the advantage of extensibility, which means further functionality can be implemented via plugins.

On an ending note, ILSpy comes across as a steady and reliable NET decompiler that can also be used to browse assemblies on the go. It could use native support for editing assemblies, but we understand that this feature is on the to-do list of the developer, so it will be implemented at some point in the future.

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