IIF Transaction Creator

This easy to use Excel add-in allows you to convert the data from regular workbooks and export it to a QuickBooks transactions file.

  • IIF Transaction Creator
  • Version:9.62
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Big Red Consulting

IIF Transaction Creator Download

IIF Transaction Creator Description

IIF Transaction Creator is a reliable financial records managing tool that you can integrate with Microsoft Excel. The add-in allows you to easily import transactions records, to modify and export them to the desired format. Moreover, it can easily manage Intuit Interchange Format files for QuickBooks.

Financial sheets management

IIF Transaction Creator allows you to easily modify transaction records from various supported source files, in Microsoft Excel. The tool allows you to load text files and extract the data from it or import GoDaddy files, by connecting to QuickBooks. Additional functions enable you to create specific sheets, dedicated to saving as IIF files and imported into financial management applications.

Moreover, you can integrate lists straight from QuickBooks, as long as the program is installed and configured on your computer. The add-in is designed to process several types of transactions, such as QB company details, invoices, credit memos, sales receipt, STMT charge, wire payments, bills or checks.

Easily edit transaction reports in Excel

IIF Transaction Creator offers several template sheets for numerous types of transaction layouts, including multi-row, single row, detail lines or multiple amounts. You may thus monitor deposit accounts, credit card transactions, purchase orders, inventories or other types of receipts.

The plugin can also automate the data integration to and from QuickBooks; it can detect the configured QuickBooks company and import information from it. Alternatively, you can manually load custom lists or financial files, for editing in Excel. The column headers can be modified to automatically match positive/negative amounts transactions, accounts or names.

Import or export files between Excel and QuickBooks

IIF Transaction Creator integrates with Microsoft Excel and allows you to easily import data, such as transaction lists, accounts or payment amounts from QuickBooks. The plug-in can facilitate the information exchange between the two programs, allowing you to modify the data in a familiar environment, with comprehensive tools.

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