Extract information from iGO maps, edit the file structure via hex display, run SQL queries, and rename files in bulk using this portable tool.

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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
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iGOView Description

iGOView is a lightweight application designed to extract information from files related to auto devices using iGO Navigation Engine. It can display and recover data from FBL, FDA, FTR, FPA, FSP, POI and other types of files.

Extract information from iGO files

Installing the tool isn’t necessary so you can just unpack the downloaded ZIP and double-click the executable to bring up the main app window. It has a neatly structured layout and a built-in file navigator for finding directories which contain iGO-related files. All supported files become visible when selecting a folder.

View text and edit the hexadecimal code

In the next step, you can simply select an iGO file to view the text content with the file extension and description, basic header (timestamp), headers, and other details. iGOView also gives you the possibility to examine the file structure via hexadecimal display (Unicode is supported). Moreover, you can edit the hex code and swap bytes.

Rename iGO map files in bulk and run queries

In another pane, you can utilize a batch renaming tool for all map files in the list. To take them into account, make sure to tick the boxes next to each entry. Several file renaming patterns can be viewed on the bottom side, which include the country, region, map type, producer and other properties, so you can pick the preferred one.

Log details with possible errors as well as media resources can be inspected in a different tab of the main window. Furthermore, you can export a country package or all countries as packages by specifying the iGO file along with the input and output location. SQL queries can be executed to effortlessly extract information from files, like producer, map type, version, subversion, features and ObjectID.

Easy-to-use map info viewer for iGO

We haven’t come across any compatibility issues with Windows 10 in our tests. iGOView carried out tasks quickly while remaining light on system resources usage. Multiple interface languages are supported. Taking everything into account, this small-sized application should come in handy to all iGO users interested in extracting valuable information from maps.

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