IFFY – I’ll Find Files for You

Locates files on the computer based on your answers related to the known drive, root folder, partial file name, extension, and last saved time.

  • IFFY – I’ll Find Files for You
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  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Translucency

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IFFY – I’ll Find Files for You Description

IFFY – I’ll Find Files for You is a straightforward and effective piece of software that was developed to function as a means of searching for files on your computer and even the mapped network drives.

Clean and user-friendly appearance

The application displays a neatly-structured and compact user interface, the most essential features being comprised in the primary window, but allowing you to access a series of ‘Advanced Options’ with a single click.

IFFY – I’ll Find Files for You requires a few bits of information based on which it can perform the search in just minutes, but for a more refined operation, you can further customize the task’s parameters.

Specify your search criteria and locate your file with a click

The most important information that the program needs from you is represented by the drive where you think your files should be and its name or at least part of it. Optionally, you can specify the root folder or the storage directory, but this is not mandatory.

At this point, you can very well press the ‘Find It’ button and the utility will look through your system, retrieving the results in a dedicated window, along with the name, location, size and modification date. Should they surpass one hundred hits, IFFY – I’ll Find Files for You will advise you to narrow your search.

For this purpose, you can use the ‘Advanced Options’ and specify the extension, indicate a time frame when you last edited it, or you can exclude system folders from the operation. Once your results are in, you can copy the needed file to your desktop, as well as open it or its storage folder.

A handy file searcher for you to rely on

To conclude, IFFY – I’ll Find Files for You is a practical and intuitive application that can successfully assist you in locating an important document you may have misplaced and are now unable to discover on your system.

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