idoo Video Cropper

An video cropping application that enables you to discard the unwanted parts of the video image and convert the file to a multitude of output formats.

  • idoo Video Cropper
  • Version :3.0.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :idooDVD

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idoo Video Cropper Description

Movies come in a variety of resolution and qualities, especially now that  there are countless devices capable of video recording.

The different resolutions can also mean different aspect ratios, which can greatly affect the output quality on screens that do not use the same parameters.

Crop the video image to the desired new dimensions

idoo Video Cropper is a video editor that enables you to crop the movie image and adjust its properties, in order to be playable on various devices without any annoyances or limitations. To start off, the first option you can use on the clip is the rotate function, which is ideal if your movie requires an angle correction to be displayed properly.

The actual crop operation is a rather simple one, since you can use your mouse to exclude the undesirable parts from the video by dragging the margins of the selection. The crop box dimensions can also be entered manually and set up to keep the original aspect ratio by clicking on the appropriate check box. You can modify the position of the crop area as well, by manually increasing the top and left margins.

Convert the video to a wide array of formats

Beside cropping it, you may also need to convert the movie clip to another format in order to be playable on the target device. idoo Video Cropper delivers a wide range of available output formats for your files, including AVI, MP4 or MKV, as well as DVD-specific extensions like VOB, both for NTSC and PAL regions.

In case you want to use the movie on a specific platform, such as an iPhone or a PlayStation device, the application enables you to use their recommended formats and default quality settings, including the resolution, quality level and number of audio channels.

In conclusion

All in all, the large number of features make idoo Video Cropper an ideal choice for cropping and converting your video files, especially due to the comprehensive list of supported platforms. The interface is intuitive and simple-to-use, to accommodate beginners and experienced users alike, while the resource consumption is kept at a minimum.

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