IDM resumer

In case of unfinished downloads off the Internet, you may use this tool to save the data and resume the transfer at a later time, on another PC.

  • IDM resumer
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Captain Majid

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IDM resumer Description

IDM resumer is a simple, yet reliable tool that allows you to easily manipulate file transfers in Internet Download Manager. The program allows you to save the current download progress and resume the transfer at a later time or from a different computer. It is a suitable tool when you cannot wait for a download to finish.

Reliable download assistant

IDM resumer is a lightweight tool that you can use with Internet Download Manager, in order to safely interrupt file transfers off the Internet. The program can save the current progress, by identifying the segments of a file that are already stored on your computer. It can move them all in a single folder, that you can easily transfer to another station.

IDM resumer does not require installation, so you may carry it around on a USB drive or similar memory device, along with the downloaded file segments. You may copy them onto a different system and resume the transfer in Internet Download Manager.

Easily manage large file downloads

IDM resumer is a useful solution for cases when you need to download large files, but you do not have the time to wait for the transfer to finish. In case you do not wish to lose the current progress, you may simply pause the process in Internet Download Manager, open IDM resumer and save the current download.

The interrupted download is saved in a designated directory in the IDM resumer folder. Open the program again when you are ready to continue the process, identify the desired entry and click the Resume button.

Quickly complete file transfers

Once you clicked the Resume button in IDM resumer, the data is copied back into Internet Download Manager and you may easily start off the transfer from the point where you paused it. The program allows you to save the file download progress, in order to reduce the time required for the migration, the next time.

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