IDM Integration for Chrome

Launches Internet Download Manager from Google Chrome’s context menu, enabling you to quickly send any URL to IDM and download files.

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IDM Integration for Chrome Description

IDM Integration provides Google Chrome users with a simple, yet useful extension that enables them to send downloads to Internet Download Manager, one of the most powerful file transfer utilities available out there. With this addon installed in Chrome, you can easily send any URL to Internet Download Manager and let it handle the download process for you.

Easily send Chrome downloads to Internet Download Manager

The download manager features advanced browser integration and is capable of automatically capturing download links from various web navigators, including Google Chrome. If this option is disabled, IDM cannot detect the initiated downloads. What this extension does is add a new item to the right-click context menu of Google Chrome in order to help you quickly send any file you might want to grab to IDM.

Although you could just transfer the file to your computer by simply selecting the “Save link as” option from the context menu, Internet Download Manager can perform this task quicker. The application is created with the purpose of significantly reducing the time allocated to the download process and providing you with a user-friendly interface for managing all the files you grabbed from the Internet.

Download files with IDM from the right-click menu

To install this addon, you have have to drop the downloaded .crx file in Chrome. Clicking on the new command in the right-click menu of Chrome will immediately open Internet Download Manager and start the download process. Thus, you can use it to download images and practically any type of file using Google Chrome.

Just like all the other giants of the browser category, Chrome comes with its own built-in download manager. On the other hand, Internet Download Manager is designed to enhance the transfer speed and IDM Integration is a quick and simple method for accessing it comfortably.

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