Idem Files Finder

A fast duplicate searching application that you can use to compare files on your computer and find copies, then delete them to free up storage space.

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Idem Files Finder Description

Duplicate files occupy storage space that could otherwise be used to store new content, so getting rid of copies is important. Simple-to-use above anything else, Idem Files Finder makes it easy for you to identify duplicate files and get rid of them without too much effort.

Filter the search by file type

No installation is required, and the application is up and running in no time. To start looking for dupes, you must specify the target location first. Unfortunately, only a single folder can be selected, so in case you want to compare the contents of two directories, you will have to turn one into the other’s subfolder.

File filtering is possible, as Idem Files Finder enables you to enter the file extensions you want it to look for before starting the search, one by one, in a comma delimited list. No ticking boxes or drop-down lists are available, which would be more convenient for the user. To extend the list of drawbacks, the file type is the only filtering criteria (for instance, the file size would be a good option).

Compares MD5 hash of all files to find dupes

One of the strong points of Idem Files Finder is its search speed. The results are displayed rather quickly, in tree-view or in list view. In the first case, Idem Files Finder reveals the MD5 hash codes that are identical and allows you to see the location of the dupe files. The second mode is much more convenient, as you can see the file size and select the files you want to delete.

The list of duplicate files can be easily exported to CSV or XML format and saved to your computer.

Byte-to-byte comparison to find duplicates

Idem Files Finder uses byte-to-byte comparison to detect duplicate content, ignoring the file name. This type of search increases its accuracy, but the lack of filtering and file management options are disadvantages that need to be considered before choosing it.

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