IDEAL Administration

A handy and reliable application that provides you with a centralized administration of Active Directory servers, domains and stations.

  • IDEAL Administration
  • Version :2017 17.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Pointdev

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IDEAL Administration Description

IDEAL Administration is a full-featured application that provides all the necessary tools for managing domains, servers, workstations and user accounts. It is the ideal solution for controlling your Windows system remotely, transferring files and recording connection sessions.

Although it comes bundled with powerful features, the application is still easy to use, thus carrying regular administration tasks does not pose any problems. The tab-based interface is clean and well-organized, allowing you to easily access the network structure, view the connection history or manage the network inventory.

A complete list of the connected workstations is displayed, enabling you to filter the information and use the search tool to find certain computers, NetBIOS descriptions, network cards and so on. Local networks, WAN and virtual private networks are supported.

The software enables you to administer a server by logging sessions and opened files, monitoring running processes on individual servers, managing installed software and licenses, services and registry entries, monitoring disk space and network configuration.

Managing computer user profiles, groups, shared content and trusted relationships, monitoring logon hours, configuring permissions on file and folders and full control over Microsoft Exchange mailboxes are other advantages that this application comes with. It also provides easy access to some basic administration tools, such as the ‘Registry Editor’ or the ‘Performance Monitor’.

In addition, the ‘Migration Assistant’ can be used for transferring organizational units, computer accounts, shared folders, printers etc. between two different computers.

When nothing else works, you can use the remote access feature. It uses TightVNC to help you configure the remote control service and access any computer in your network securely, providing full control over the target system.

Among other features of the application, we can mention task scheduling, Active Directory server management and network mapping.

IDEAL Administration is a handy centralized administration tool that brings together professional tools for administrating large networks from a single user interface.

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