Provides all the necessary tools for controlling parameters of video, audio and light software and hardware from within a well-organized main window.

  • i-score
  • Version : 1.0.0-b29
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :i-score team

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i-score Description

i-score is an advanced and well-thought-out piece of software designed to offer a practical environment for controlling the plethora of parameters usually involved when creating interactive scenarios that require light, audio and video hardware.

Without getting into too much detail, i-score basically allows you to fully control the execution of timed events found within audio and video media to bring everything in synchronicity.

Easy installation process and modern interface

Subsequent to a typical installation process and upon first launching the application, you are met by a black-themed and modern-looking user interface.

Since there aren’t many apps such as this around, getting to know your way around i-score might require a fair bit of adjustment time, regardless of your general computer experience.

The good news is that the development team behind this project offer a comprehensive documentation section on the app’s official website which is sure to drastically speed up the learning process.

Powerful cross-platform intermedia sequencer

As soon as you start working with the utility, you are bound to discover that it does not actually process the media but instead, with the help of sophisticated protocols such as Open Sound Control, Midi or Minuit it enables you to synchronize controllers and hardware responsible for video, audio and light settings.

Probably the most important tools that help you create interactive scenarios are the Device Explorer and the Timeline, easily visible in the app’s main window.

As you can imagine, the first enables you to manage and edit a wide array of parameters, whereas the latter allows you to organize various objects and automation boxes on the scenario’s timetable.

Powerful sequencer for interactive and distributed media systems

Taking all of the above into consideration, i-score is a comprehensive sequencer that packs robust intermedia protocols and the tools necessary for interactive intermedia creation.

While it may not be very intuitive at first, this application provides an efficient way of controlling all the hardware involved in live performances, art installations, museography or other similar events.

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