I don’t care about cookies for Chrome

Improve your overall browsing experience by removing all the pesky cookie warnings with the help of this must-have, cross-browser extension.

  • I don’t care about cookies for Chrome
  • Version :2.6.6
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Daniel Kladnik

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I don’t care about cookies for Chrome Description

If we were to ask you what annoys you most while browsing the Internet, there’s a good probability your answers will point at ads, followed closely by cookie-related warnings and messages, right?

Fortunately, there are easy solutions for getting rid of both these annoying Internet “shenanigans.” For the first, you can employ the services of various ad-blockers, while for the latter, you can rely on a Chrome extension appropriately-called I don’t care about cookies.

Say goodbye to pesky cookie warnings with the help of this useful extension that comes with support for all the key browsers

Actually, I don’t care about cookies is a cross-browser extension and it’s also available for Firefox, Opera, and even Pale Moon, in case Chrome’s not exactly your cup of tea.

Nonetheless, if you’re a Chrome user and you find the typical cookie warnings from most websites annoying, then, by all means, install this extensions with a simple click on the “ADD TO CHROME” button from the Chrome Web Store.

Probably the most unobtrusive yet highly efficient browser extension

Straight off the bat, we should point out that this is a very-very unassuming extension which basically does its job without any type of users intervention on your part. To put it into context, this is one of those extensions that works so well, you will literally it take for granted and you’ll only notice how good it was only when it’s not there.

In fact, the only way to interact with the extension is to access its Options section and either enable or disable its context menu integration. And since we’re on the subject, you can improve the extension for everybody by right-clicking any website which manages to slip through cookie warning and by choosing “Report a cookie warning.”

Forget all about cookie-related messages

Of course, I don’t care about cookies for Chrome is, without a shadow of a doubt, a must have if you want to ensure a smooth and uncluttered browsing experience.

Be that as it may, we should point out that there are a lot of (mostly groundless) myths surrounding the whole cookie situation, and we feel compelled to point out that cookies are not always “bad.” Do, please, keep in mind that this extension does not block cookies but merely removes the annoying EU-imposed messages.

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