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Make sure that your website’s content works with the HTTPS protocol and that the visitors’ sensitive data stays untouched with the help of this useful mixed content checker.

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HTTPS Checker Description

In order to ensure that users keep their sensitive data remains untouched, more and more websites, alongside to using an SSL Certificate, are now starting to use the HTTPS protocol, the secure version of HTTP, as well.

This said, checking that the content works as intended with HTTPS can be a tedious and very time-consuming process, without the proper tools. Fortunately, you can streamline the whole process by a long margin with the help of a useful utility named – HTTPS Checker.

Without going to further into details, HTTPS Checker is actually a mixed content checker that crawls your websites and detects pages that bundle mixed content and, evidently, represent a security issue for the visitors.

Easy installation and straightforward workflow

Getting to grips with this useful app is hardly challenging, regardless of your computer experience. Thanks to its typical installer and an intuitive user interface, you can start checking your website in just a matter of seconds.

Upon launching the app, you are greeted by its simplistic main window. Simply type your website’s address in the dedicated center field and click the ‘Run’ button to get things going.

Allows you to see where the real problems lie

The utility displays a real-time log with the total number of crawled pages and the number of recorded issues.

As expected, at the end of the scanning process, HTTPS Checker displays a comprehensive report for the current session. It makes it very easy for you to get an accurate idea about the number of crawled pages, crawled assets, unique and total number of issues.

Offers decent guidance towards getting rid of the detected problems


Also worth mentioning is the fact that besides providing you with a clear description of what the problems are, the program also offers guidance towards resolving them.

By clicking the ‘How do I fix these issues?’ button, you are met by a pop-up menu from where you can get clear instruction on how to get started and quick access to very useful online resources and guides.

Make sure that your website’s content works with HTTPS with the help of this app

Taking everything into account, HTTPS Checker is a simple yet highly effective piece of software that, if used well, might have a significant contribution towards assuring that your website’s visitors will not lose sensitive data over what are known as “man-in-the-middle” attacks.

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