HttpMaster Express Edition

Web testing application that enables developers to create dynamically generated requests and customize execution parameters, generating reports of the results.

  • HttpMaster Express Edition
  • Version :3.9.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :HttpMaster Team

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HttpMaster Express Edition Description

Designed for the experienced web designer and webmaster, HttpMaster Express Edition delivers a robust testing environment that enables them to simulate client activity and detect issues that might arise once the resource, be it a website or a web application, is online.

Test API calls and REST web services using dynamically generated requests

HttpMaster Express Edition comes with advanced tools for testing web API calls and web services, enabling you to execute simple to complex requests and generate reports based on the received responses. Authenticated requests are also supported. Testing sessions are saved as individual projects containing all the requests and a complete set of properties for each, such as HTTP headers, methods, the URL address or encoding mode.

All running requests are opened in different tabs, enabling you to manage and configure each individually. The request body can also be built from available HTML content, so as to test a website using specific input data.

You can create batches of requests by simply specifying new dynamic parameters for all the available data types, which results in dynamically generated Internet requests. This way, you can put several scenarios to test and analyze the execution process in various situations.

Validate requests, review execution results and generate reports

Each request is validated using the system default. As an alternative, you can define custom expressions yourself to change the rules of validating the response body.

HttpMaster Express Edition also allows the testing of execution speed, which can be obtained by disabling data collection options.

Its advanced execution options enable you to choose which items to take into consideration and which to exclude. The results are saved separately for each executed request, containing details regarding HTTP headers, execution duration, size, the response and its size, cookies, and so on. You can generate reports or open all data in a viewer to analyze it further.

A robust web testing platform with an advanced toolset

All things considered, HttpMaster Express Edition is a powerful web testing application that can aid developers in evaluating the reliability of their web app or website. It bundles an assortment of advanced features to test web resources in various circumstances and monitor request execution.

For your convenience, simple Internet requests can be executed directly, using the default options, without creating a project and going through the configuration of new requests. The resulting data is made available for review, just like in a regular project.

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